Source Water Protection

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Drinking water comes from ground water (aquifers), streams, rivers, and lakes. Protecting these drinking water sources is key to sustaining safe drinking water supplies. 

Protecting source water can reduce risks by preventing exposures to contaminated water. Drinking water utilities that meet the definition of a public water system are responsible for meeting the requirements of EPA and state drinking water programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Protecting source water from contamination helps reduce treatment costs and may avoid or defer the need for complex treatment. 

Learn more about protecting drinking water on this EPA website.

Source water protection activities - including land conservation, education & outreach, and stewardship - take place within "drinking water protection areas". Continue learning below.

What are drinking water protection areas?

The term "drinking water protection areas" is a term the partnership uses when discussing areas that are closest in proximity to the water intakes and wellheads that serve our community drinking water systems. They fit into one of three categories:

Explore the drinking water protection areas in the "WV Source Water Protection Map Viewer".

*- WV-DHHR Source Water Protection definitions**- WV-DEP Aboveground Storage Tank definition

What are Source Water Protection Plans?

After the 2014 Elk River Chemical spill, "community water systems" in West Virginia that serve more than 25 people were required to develop "Source Water Protection Plans" as part of Senate Bill 373. Those two terms refer to:

You can read more about Source Water Protection Plans and the Senate Bill 373 legislation on this WV-DHHR website.

Source Water Protection Plans for Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson Counties are below.

WV3300202 BCPSWD Bunker hill 2021 SWPP Public SWPP.pdf

Berkeley County PSWD Bunker Hill

WV3300218 BCPSWD Potomac River 2021 Public SWPP.pdf

Berkeley County PSWD Potomac River

WV3303308 Paw Paw 2021 Public SWPP.pdf

Paw Paw Water Works

WV3303301 BSWW 2021 SWPP REDACTED.pdf

City of Berkeley Springs

WV3300212 City of Martinsburg 2021 Public SWPP.pdf

City of Martinsburg

WV3301942 PUBLIC - Walnut Grove 2021 SWPP.pdf

Walnut Grove Utilities

WV3301979 PUBLIC - Deerfield 2021 SWPP.pdf

Deerfield Village 

WV3301912 Harpers Ferry WW 2021 SWPP redacted 11.2021.pdf

City of Harpers Ferry

WV3301905 Charles Town 2021 SWPP PDF 10.2021_Redacted.pdf

Charles Town Utilities


Corporation of Shepherdstown