"This is the greatest legacy we could ever hope to leave when we're gone."

-Susan Whalton, landowner in Hedgesville, WV

Your land is your legacy.

When you think of your land, you think of home, and your family, and your way of life. You have an innate desire to protect it, because you love your land.

Whatever you choose to do with your land, just remember our partners are available to answer any questions you have about protecting your land forever and preserving your legacy with a conservation easement.

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your friends & neighbors in the Safe Water Conservation Collaborative

Why have your neighbors conserved their land?

Why should you conserve your land?

Your land is your legacy

There's no greater legacy that we can leave to future generations than ensuring that our lands and waters are protected forever with a conservation easement. Start the conversation today about leaving a lasting legacy!

Clean water, healthy communities

We all rely on safe, clean drinking water. It's what sustains us. Conserving your land is the single greatest action you can take to keep our water clean and communities healthy. Contact us to start the conversation.

Preserve our rural way of life

Our defining characteristic as West Virginians is our dedication to agriculture, community, and family. Help preserve our way of life, reach out now to begin the conversation.